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Ven Harvestar
Ven harvestar
The only known imagery of Ven.


Thorn Harvestar (descendant) Lunaria Harvestar (descendant) Briar Harvestar (descendant) Rose Harvestar (descendant)






The Queen Of Dreams

Ven Harvester (also known as the Queen of Dreams) is the first Human Queen of Atheia. After the fight with the dragons and their queen Mim, the dragons felt they should no longer watch over the Dreaming, and sought out a human that could be trusted. They found Ven Harvestar and she became Queen of the Valley, protecting the Dreaming. She is the ancestor of the Harvestar Family, including but not limited to Thorn and Rose. The Veni-Yan-Cari were named for Ven, and she was the first of their kind. Despite being one of the most prominent figures of Atheian history, to the extent that she is given Prayer Stones as offerings as seen in Treasure Hunters, little information is given about her in the comics.