Can you believe it, the final book is around the corner, and i will no longer do predictions any more, though i think nobody has read my predictions, both the description of the book and it's picture has been added by me and will be around on feburary! Now down to predictions, looking at the front cover Tom has a tiny version of lorimar on his shoulder, to guid him into danger or the last spark? Barclay and abbey are behind Tom both looking scared, Stinky and Smelly are seen behind Abbey both expressionless due to the hair but Fredrick is not seen, behind Barclay s Randolf weilding his sword and looking somewhat angry and ready to fight. But surprisingly in the background are Roque Ja and Stillman. Stillman's arrival was hinted a little since he is in fact Tom Sniegoski character, but Roque Ja's reappearance was however a little surprising. Then in the right side of the book are three bats with black eyes, no doubt about it they are the Constable and his spirit brothers. Now with the cover and the description i have been able to piece together this conculsion, Tom has realized how much time is left and must move faster and be more serious, they may meet pawa soldiers, they may go through the rat creature temple, throughout the mountain they may learn secrets about each other, at one point Roderick may learn the rate with them were resposible for their parents death if he didn't know already, highly unlikely but the rats could be responsible for Randolf's family, In addition Lorimar may confess about the Nacht's plan in order to double cross him. How they meet stillman is still a mystery to me. Along the way im certian that figure out what happened to Abbey, and Barclay's parents, and meet them if they are still alive.

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