Gallibon the Destroyer

aka Toho Kingdom Toons Biollante

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  • I was born on November 6
  • My occupation is Being on the computer, being busy, doing whatever
  • I am A Cool Plant Monster
  • Gallibon the Destroyer

    Not sure if this is old news (I apologize in advance because I had been away for a while) but in any case, according to DenOfGeek and Hollywood Reporter, looks like we may finally get a Bone movie now. And not just talks about it either, as in the real deal now. I don't know much else to say other than that, because all I know now that it's getting made. So I guess that's it for now. I hope you enjoyed reading this and have a nice day.

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  • Gallibon the Destroyer

    More Bone

    October 8, 2015 by Gallibon the Destroyer

    Do you think they should make another three-parter book series for Bone like Quest for the Spark? Personally, I think i'd be down with that. I'd also like to see the Bone Cousins and Bartleby one last time, so what do you guys think?

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