The Jekk is the rat creatures' boogie man which even adults fear. They are really referring to Big Johnson Bone as he was telling a story about his friend "Prickly Bob" which he may have made up after he found one of Peter's quils in a tree branch. He said that Pirckly Bob disturbed the Jekk's rest and his head was replaced with a cantaloupe. After hearing that Pirckly Bob's heat was replaced with a cantaloupe, two frightened rats jumped out and yelled "AAHHH!!!!! PRICKLY BOB LOST HIS HEAD!!!!!" and "AAGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! WHAT'S A CANTALOUPE?" Weather or not he really was mixed up with the Jekk is unknown. The legend says if the first years don't get their tails cut off, The Jekk will come at midnight and drag them away from their tails.

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