The Dragonslayer
Bone The Dragonslayer
Author: Jeff Smith
Illustrator: Jeff Smith
Colour by: Steve Hamaker
Series: Bone
Published: January 10, 1997(original release)

August 1, 2006(scholastic release)

Published by: Cartoon Books(1997)


Language: English
Country: USA
Trilogy: Solstice
Additional Information
Pages: 176
Previous Book: Eyes of the Storm
Next Book: Rock Jaw: Master of the Eastern Border
The Dragonslayer is the fourth volume of the Bone series. It has a darker tone then the previous three volumes. The book refers to Phoney, who has made himself a "dragonslayer' and is the manipulating the villagers to supply him riches and take over the town. The book holds issues 20-27.

Stick Eater

Ever since Phoney claimed he was a dragon slayer, he was the town's people's favorite and he was on his way for winning the bet. A hooded figure in the barrelhaven tavern which the villagers call them Stick-Eaters when Smiley comes to get receive payment from the stranger, but Lucius advised him not to and gave him his share on his behalf. Wendell didn't believe it was wise to provide the stick-eater a meal claiming they were in cahoots with the dragons, when Lucius asked if he had any problem with it, Wendell answered no, but he would receive his beers from Phoney from now on.

Earth and Sky

Council in the Dark

The Straggler

After confronting Phoney about his plans to kill the Dragon, Fone Bone goes outside to meet a young straggler Rat Creature.

Deliver us these Laws

The Midsummer's Day Plan

The Turning

On the Dragon's Stair


The book holds Issues 20-27.



  • The Solstice Trilogy begins in this book.

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