The Boneville Explorers' Society
Species: Bone
Status: Active
Book Appearance: Quest for the Spark
Additional Information
First appearance: Quest for the Spark
Last appearance: Quest for the Spark
The Boneville Explorers' Society is an organization in Boneville dedicated to exploring the regions outside of charted territories.

Early History

The Boneville Explorers' Society was formed sometime after the founding of Boneville, and they are the ones responsible for exploring the regions outside of Boneville.

Before Quest for the Spark

The Bone Cousins attempted to convince the Society that their experiences in the Valley were true. Even with Bartleby as proof, the Cousins were labeled as liars and left the meeting in ridicule.

Quest for the Spark

The Society was mentioned several times during the book.

Known Members


  • The Boneville Explorer's society may be a parody of the real group the Illumanti

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