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Family: other Rat Creatures
Species: Rat Creature
Status: Alive
Book Appearance: Out From Boneville

The Great Cow Race

Eyes of the Storm

The Dragonslayer

Rock Jaw: Master of the Eastern Border

Ghost Circles

Crown of Horns

Quest for the Spark

Quest for the Spark (Book 2)

Quest for the Spark (Book 3)

Additional Information
First appearance: Out From Boneville
Voiced by(in the game): Alan Chriest

Smelly is a Rat Creature and a main character in both the Bone series. A common gag is his desire for quiche, which his comrade Stinky finds incredibly irritating. He may actually be smarter than Stinky at some points.

Out From Boneville

Smelly and Stinky find Fone Bone sleeping. They check to see if he has a star on his chest, and upon realizing it is not the one they seek, they plan to eat him. But before they can, the Great Red Dragon appears and chases them off.

Smelly is sleeping while Stinky is going through bones of their meals. Smelly is awakened by Stinky, who has spotted Fone Bone and Ted the Bug without the dragon in sight. Stinky tells him to "get off your fat carcass and start the cooking fires". Smelly, insulted by his comment, refuses, which sparks an argument right in front of Fone Bone. The subject then changes to a disagreement on how to cook him(Smelly wants to bake him into a quiche, and Stinky wants to make him into a stew). During this, Fone Bone escapes.

Near the end of winter, Smelly and Stinky capture the Possum Kids, but Fone Bone snatches them. Smelly and Stinky chase Fone Bone for a while. Eventually, they corner him... with the Dragon behind him. Smelly flees with his comrade.

Smelly and Stinky's slumber is interrupted by Kingdok, who informs them that Phoney Bone, the one they seek, was last spotted in their territory and The Hooded One has summoned them to a high council. At this high council, they inform their master of Fone Bone.

It is possible that Smelly participated in the attack on the farmhouse.

The Great Cow Race

Smelly and his comrade find Fone Bone writing love poems. Another chase ensues.

Smelly and Stinky are now in a full-fledged riot with a whole other patrol of Rat Creatures in the Great Cow Race. Seconds later, He, Stinky, Fone Bone, Phoney, and Smiley Bone are running for their lives from Gran'ma Ben.

Smelly is now annoying Stinky in hiding.

Eyes of the Storm

After four days of hiding, Smelly has gotten paranoid and is currently anoyying his comrade. Just when Stinky trys to point out that there is NO ONE on top of the hole they're hiding in, he and Stinky are found by Kindok, who surprisingly allows them to live and gives them a bag of skinned rabbits. Then they faint.

It is possible Smelly was in the group of Rat Creatures that attacked Fone Bone, Thorn, and Gran'ma Ben.

The Dragonslayer

Smelly and his comrade are captured by Gran'ma Ben and are forced to blurt it out that the Valley is being evacuated. Kingdok hears it all, calls them traitors, and attacks Thorn, Gran'ma Ben, and Fone Bone.

Later, Smelly and Stinky find Kingdok out cold from blood loss after Thorn cuts his arm off. They blame themselves for "killing" Kingdok. After covering Kingdok's bleeding arm socket, they run away.

Rock Jaw: Master of the Eastern Border

In Rock Jaw Master of the Eastern Border, Stinky and Smelly are looking over the remains of Roderick's parents which has only been a few days after death. Soon one of the possum kids lure the rat creatures to Roque Ja. Smelly takes Roderick's advice and jumps over a rock to a log over a cliff. Roque Ja jumps over too and they were almost about to fall over. Then "Stinky comes to the rescue," as he pounces on Roque Ja sending them over the cliff. The Rats appear again, as well as Kingdok alive and well. He chomps them off a cliff and they reach a ledge out of reach of Kingdok. Roderick fell off the cliff and Smelly grabbed him. Back on the cliff Stinky stuffs Roderick in his mouth and is saved by Smiley. He hisses and Smelly puts his common sense to use. Then the orphans, Bones and rat creatures alliance themselves to escape. Soon they are recaptured by Roque Ja and are taken to the rat creature horde.

Crown of Horns

Smelly and his comrade come back into the rat creature army, where they are the first two to actually make it into the city during the war. Smiley Bone captures them and puts them in a cage, where he plans to bake them a quiche and release them so they can tell all their other comrades about it. Smiley is JUST about to give them their prize quiche when all of a sudden Smiley has to go out back to battle, sets the quiche on a barrel next to the cage, and the Rats are left only staring at it in hunger.

Gran'ma Ben releases them after the war after the new treaty is signed and they are later seen looking for food near Barrelhaven. On Christmas, Phone Bone bakes them a well-deserved quiche and gives it to them from the bushes.

Quest for the Spark (Book 1)

In Quest for the Spark Book 1, him and Stinky still reside at the mountains with their new ruler King Agak. They become wanted men after stealing Fredrick.

Quest for the Spark (Book 2)

In Quest for the Spark Book 2 he is shown to have more intellegence which is often ignored. He also seems to trust Tom and has saved him twice.


Smelly is more cautious and cowardly than Stinky, and usually points out what he did wrong. A joke in the series is his desire for quiche, which Stinky finds irritating, stating "monsters do not eat dainty pastry dishes".


Smelly's true talents have never been shown but it is metioned once he can make a mean pastry


  • Stinky always calls Smelly "comrade" meaning they may not be related.
  • Judging from their intellegence and choice of lanauge, and fear of anything bigger then them they must be young in Rat years.

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