Old Man Winter
Old Man Winter Icon
Species: Winter Incarnate (possibly a Bone)
Status: Alive
Book Appearance: Tall Tales
Old Man Winter is the personification of Winter. He is said to be the toughest season of them all. 

Tall Tales

After Baby Johnson Bone was swept onto the mountains and landed in a heap of snow, Old Man Winter appeared out of the depths of the snow to threaten the newborn Bone. He taunted young Johnson Bone, up until he punched Old Man Winter in the nose. Angered, Old Man Winter through Baby Johnson Bone in a bear's cave, thinking he would be eaten. Much to his surprise, Baby Johnson Bone killed the bear and found his way home.


  • He was the first enemy Big Johnson Bone ever fought.
  • He is based off holiday character "Old Man Winter" a.k.a "Father Winter".


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