In Quest for the Spark The Nacht's henchmen are the ones who try to persuade or keep away the members of the Spark's quest fromn the spark pieces. They were first dead animal corpses but now the constables that held Randolf in prision. They have the ability to overshadow dead corpses and sleeping people so they may contuinue the Nacht's work. It is seen the spark pieces can drive them from their bodies and into others. They are not smart but they are powerful, one etuck like a spider to a wall! They recently allied themselves to Agak's army and Agak himself.

Ability's and Talents

They are capable of overshadowing bodies, dead or living as long as the living are asleep. They move like zombies but are much faster. They are not smart, such as one asked Percival for a hand to capture them or kill them and Percival responded with a hit on the head with Susie. In the jail cell one stuck to the wall like a spider. they also speak Rat creature langauge, Nessen, without mistake.