Miz Possum
Miz Possum is the mother of the three Possums. She often refers to Fone Bone as "Uncle Bone" while the kids are around.

Out From Boneville

Miz' Possum meets Fone Bone sometime between chapter 1 and 2. She then asks one day if Fone Bone if he can take care of her 3 kids when she goes to see Miz Hedgehog.

While Fone Bone and the kids are playing, the kids are captured by the two rat creatures, Stinky and Smelly. Fone Bone slows them down and when he gets cornered, the Red Dragon comes and saves him.

Eyes of the Storm

Miz' Possum shows up in the first chapter to talk with Fone Bone and Thorn.

Rock Jaw: Master of the Eastern Border

The possum kids reference their mother, saying, "But momma said to never go near the Eastern Mountains 'cause it might be dangerous..."

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