Family: Unnamed wife and child
Species: Human
Status: Alive
Book Appearance: The Great Cow Race

Eyes of the Storm

Bone: The Dragonslayer

Old Man's Cave

Crown of Horns

Game Appearance: Bone: The Great Cow Race

Additional Information
First appearance: Bone: The Great Cow Race
Voiced by(in the game): Joey Camen
Euclid is one of the villagers who was usually seen in Lucius's bar. He is a resident of the town of Barrelhaven. He is the towns blacksmith which is mentioned in The Dragonslayer. Sometime after Old Man's Cave he was trapped in a Ghost Circle but was saved when Thorn touched the Crown of Horns and undid the Ghost Circles.

The Great Cow Race

Like the rest of the villagers, Euclid was tricked by Phoney and Smiley to bet on "The Mystery Cow," Euclid bet a goat on the cow. When Lucius made them see sense, he immediately joined the others in confronting Phoney somewhat violently into letting them seeing The Mystery Cow. They are fooled again by Phoney and Smiley, and they run off, positive the Mystery Cow will win.

Eyes of the Storm

Euclid appears at the Barrelhaven tavern along with the other villagers that were swindled by Phoney. Euclid and the other villagers almost fight Smiley and Phoney for their cow race scheme, but when the villagers start a riot for the second time Smiley says "I wish Fone Bone's dragon was here", they are at first paused and agree that all their troubles first started about the same time the bones came to the valley but Phoney claims that The valley was already as weird as it was and that the dragon was already present. Phoney exploits the townsfolk's fear of dragons to appoint himself as a dragon slayer and won the townsfolk's trust once more.

The Dragonslayer

Euclid is fooled by Phoey once again along with the rest of Barrelhaven.

Old Man's Cave

Ghost Circles

Euclid was one of the many trapped inside the Ghost Circles after Briar's failed attempt to ressurect the Lord of the Locust.

Crown of Horns

Euclid is seen only very briefly in the end of Crown of Horns. He is at Barrelhaven when Wendell returns from Atheia. Euclid and Wendell re-build the Barrelhaven tavern and are at the funeral of Lucius down.


Euclid is bold and tough, quick to resort to physical force to solve most problems and slow to pull his punches. He also is quick to threaten others, such as Phoney Bone, when not getting what he desires. After being rescued by Thorn touching the Crown of Horns, Euclid seems to have lost much of his gruffness, becoming far more kind, respectful, and sincere.



  • In the book Rose, Rose has a dog named Euclid.